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Marina Lipizer

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1994: Graduate with honours in Natural Sciences at the University of Trieste (thesis: “Distribution of Fucus virsoides (Fucales, Chromophycophyta) in the Gulf of Trieste in relationship to habitat variations”)
1994: ERASMUS fellowship at the Observatoire Oceanographic of Roscoff, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France (course: Biodiverisity in intertidal systems).
1991: ERASMUS fellowship at Gatty Marine Laboratory, St. Andrews University, UK (courses: “Marine and environmental microbiology” and “Physiology of marine organisms”)

Most relevant post graduate courses:

January 2020: "Communications Master Class for the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development", UNESCO - IOC, Venice

November 2019: "Training and sharing best practices in science communication", SISSA, Trieste

October 2016: "School on Recent Advances in Analysis of Multivariate Ecological Data: Theory and Practice", ICTP, Miramare, Trieste

November 2014: "Communicating current research with various audiences" - Masterclasses of the International courses of the Journal of Science Communication, SISSA-ICTP, Miramare, Trieste

May 2012: "Workshop on Atmospheric Deposition: Processes and Environmental Impacts" I.C.T.P. Miramare, Trieste

June 2003: “Climate variability studies in the ocean – Tracing and modelling the Ocean variability” I.C.T.P. Miramare, Trieste

October 2000: “Earth Systems sciences course in watersheds and coastal zone simulation modeling”  I.C.T.P Miramare, Trieste

July 2000: "Processes in the Coastal Zone: links to management issues" at Scuola Internazionale Avanzata "Leonardo da Vinci", Area della Ricerca di Bologna

September 1998: "International Workshop on the Oceanography of the Adriatic Sea" at I.C.T.P Miramare, Trieste

Research and professional experience:

since 2017 researcher at OGS, Division of Oceanography (OCE)

2006-2017: technologist at OGS, Department of Biological Oceanography, now Division of Oceanography (OCE)
2002-2006: post-doc researcher at OGS - Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e Geofisica Sperimentale of Trieste, Department of Oceanography (OGA)
2001: scientific consultant at WWF – Natural Marine Reserve of Miramare
2000: scientific consultant at Shoreline s.r.l., Area Science Park, Trieste
1997-2001: researcher at former Istituto Sperimentale Talassografico (now CNR-ISMAR, Trieste)
1995-1997: postgraduate fellowships at CNR – Istituto Sperimentale Talassografico of Trieste

  • Faculty Member of the Master in Sustainable Blue Growth, jointly organized by University of Trieste and OGS
  • Faculty Member of Erasmus Mundus Master Course on Maritime Spatial Planning, University IUAV of Venice


Participation to 3 oceanographic cruises in the northern Atlantic and the Arctic Sea (R/V POLARSTERN-DE, LANCE-NO), 8 cruises in the Adriatic (R/V URANIA, DALLA PORTA) and several field activities in the Gulf of Trieste in the framework of Long Term Ecological Research.

Coordination roles:

2019 - 2021: OGS coordinator for EMODnet Biology Phase IV 

2018 - 2020: Project coordinator of HarmoNIA - ADRION INTERREG

2018 - 2020: OGS coordinator for PORTODIMARE - ADRION Interreg

2017-2019: OGS coordinator for EMODnet Biology Phase III

2013-2016: OGS coordinator for EMODnet Biology Phase II

2015-2017: OGS coordinator for ACTIONMED

Capacità e interessi: 

Research fields and interests:

Biological oceanography: phytoplankton bloom dynamic and long term ecosystem variability in coastal areas; productivity of temperate marine ecosystems (Adriatic Sea, North Balearic Front) and polar areas (Barents Sea, Ross Sea, Magellan Strait) in the framework of several national and international research projects; involved in the study of the effect of acidification on the planktonic ecosystem.

Chemical and physical oceanography: impact of meteorological and biological forcings and of human activities on biogeochemical cycles in the marine environment; chemical oceanography of the central and southern Adriatic Sea; biogeochemical cycles of nitrogen and carbon in the Northern Adriatic Sea; water mass exchanges in the Nordic Seas with chemical tracers, in the framework of global change studies;

Blue Growth: Involved in implementation of Marine Spatial Planning with collaboration to the assessment of the status of the environment (according to the relevant EU policies, i.e. MSFD, WFD, MSP) and of the maritime uses in the Adriatic.

Oceanographic data management: involved in management, scientific validation and processing of data of chemical and biological oceanography for the National Oceanographic Data Center (OGS-NODC). 

Bio-optical oceanography: study of inherent and apparent optical properties in the Gulf of Trieste towards new approach for environmental quality control, bio-optical taxonomy, remote sensing data comparison and towards indirect estimates of primary production;

Applied research: responsible for the implementation of calibration protocols for profiling sensors, mounted on fix platforms for in situ measurements of chlorophyll-a, turbidity, total suspended and dissolved matter and bio-optical properties.

Communication and dissemination activities: addressed to the general public, to students of several education levels (high schools, university) and involvement of relevant stakeholder for research dissemination.

Major projects: 

2019 - 2022 Sharemed (Interreg MED - Governance)

2019-2021 MEDREGION (DG ENV)

2019 - 2021 EMODnet Biology Phase IV (DG MARE) 

2019 - 2021 EMODnet Chemistry Pahse IV (DG - MARE)

2018 - 2020 HarmoNIA Interreg ADRION Adriatic-Ionian

2018-2019 PORTODIMARE Interreg ADRION Adriatic-Ionian

2017-2019 EMODnet Biology Phase III (DG MARE)

2017-2019 EMODnet Chemistry Phase III (DG MARE)

2017-2019 MEDCIS (DG ENV)

2015-2017 ActionMed (DG ENV)

2013-2015 ADRIPLAN (DG MARE)
2013-2016 EMODnet Lot Biology (DG MARE)
2013-2016 EMODnet Lot Chemistry (DG MARE)
2011-2013 MedSEA EU - FP7
2010-2013 ENVeurope – EU Life+ Project
2008-2010 SosteMiTs - Regione FVG
2008-2009 "Ostreopsis" - Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare
1997-2000 VEINS “Variability of exchanges in the NordicSeas” - EU funded project
1995-1997 PRISMA I and II – CNR – National Projects

Curriculum vitae: 
Lingue parlate: 
English, German, French