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Marina Lipizer

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1994: Graduate with honours in Natural Sciences at the University of Trieste (thesis: “Distribution of Fucus virsoides (Fucales, Chromophycophyta) in the Gulf of Trieste in relationship to habitat variations”)
1994: ERASMUS fellowship at the Observatoire Oceanographic of Roscoff, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France (course: Biodiverisity in intertidal systems).
1991: ERASMUS fellowship at Gatty Marine Laboratory, St. Andrews University, UK (courses: “Marine and environmental microbiology” and “Physiology of marine organisms”)

Most relevant post graduate courses:

  • November 2014: Communicating current research with various audiences, JCOM Masterclasses, International Courses of teh Journal of Science Communication
  • May 2012: "Workshop on Atmospheric Deposition: Processes and Environmental Impacts" I.C.T.P. Miramare, Trieste
  • June 2003: “Climate variability studies in the ocean – Tracing and modelling the Ocean variability” I.C.T.P. Miramare, Trieste
  • October 2000: “Earth Systems sciences course in watersheds and coastal zone simulation modeling”  I.C.T.P Miramare, Trieste
  • July 2000: "Processes in the Coastal Zone: links to management issues" at Scuola Internazionale Avanzata "Leonardo da Vinci", Area della Ricerca di Bologna
  • September 1998: "International Workshop on the Oceanography of the Adriatic Sea" at I.C.T.P Miramare, Trieste

Research and professional experience:

Since 2017: Researcher at OGS, Division of Oceanography

2006-2017: technologist at OGS, Department of Biological Oceanography, now Division of Oceanography
2002-2006: post-doc researcher at OGS - Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e Geofisica Sperimentale of Trieste, Department of Oceanography (OGA)
1997-2001: researcher at former Istituto Sperimentale Talassografico (now CNR-ISMAR, Trieste)
2001: scientific consultant at WWF – Natural Marine Reserve of Miramare
2000: scientific consultant at Shoreline s.r.l., Area Science Park, Trieste
1995-1997: postgraduate fellowships at CNR – Istituto Sperimentale Talassografico of Trieste

Partecipation to 8 oceanographic cruises in the Adriatic (R/V URANIA, DALLA PORTA) and 3 in the northern Atlantic and the Arctic Sea (R/V POLARSTERN-DE, LANCE-NO).

Skills & Interests: 

Research fields and interests:

Biological oceanography: phytoplankton bloom dynamic and long term ecosystem variability in coastal areas; productivity of temperate marine ecosystems (Adriatic Sea, North Balearic Front) and polar areas (Barents Sea, Ross Sea, Magellan Strait) in the framework of several national and international research projects; involved in the study of the effect of acidification on the planktonic ecosystem.

Chemical and physical oceanography: impact of meteorological and biological forcings and of human activities on biogeochemical cycles in the marine environment; chemical oceanography of the central and southern Adriatic Sea; biogeochemical cycles of nitrogen and carbon in the Northern Adriatic Sea; water mass exchanges in the Nordic Seas with chemical tracers, in the framework of global change studies;

Bio-optical oceanography: study of inherent and apparent optical properties in the Gulf of Trieste towards new approach for environmental quality control, bio-optical taxonomy, remote sensing data comparison and towards indirect estimates of primary production;

Applied research: responsible for the implementation of calibration protocols for profiling sensors, mounted on fix platforms for in situ measurements of chlorophyll-a, turbidity, total suspended and dissolved matter and bio-optical properties.

Oceanographic data management: involved in oceanographic data management, in data Quality Control assessment and definition of guidelines for Quality Control of large marine datasets.

Major projects: 
2018-2020: Scientific Coordinator of HarmoNIA (Interreg ADRION)

2019-2021 MEDREGION (DG ENV)

2018-2019 PORTODIMARE Interreg ADRION Adriatic-Ionian

2015-2017 ActionMed (DG ENV)
2013-2015 ADRIPLAN (DG MARE)
2013-2016 EMODnet Lot Biology (DG MARE)
2013-2016 EMODnet Lot Chemistry (DG MARE)
2011-2013 MedSEA EU - FP7
2010-2013 ENVeurope – EU Life+ Project
2008-2010 SosteMiTs - Regione FVG
2008-2009 "Ostreopsis" - Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare
1997-2000 VEINS “Variability of exchanges in the NordicSeas” - EU funded project
1995-1997 PRISMA I and II – CNR – National Projects
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English, German, French