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Riccardo Geletti

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Primo Tecnologo

1993 Ph.D in Geophysics of the Lithosphere and Geodynamics at the University of Trieste, Italy.
1989 Degree in  Geology at the University of Trieste, Italy.


2009-present: Senior Technologist  in Marine Geoscience at the OGS, Trieste (Italy).
2004-2008: Technologist in Marine Geoscience at the OGS, Trieste (Italy).
2003-2007: Contract Professor in Applied Geophysics at the University of Trieste  (Italy)
2000-2003: Research Fellow at the OGS, Trieste (Italy)
1995-2000: Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Dept. of Geological, Marine and Environmental Science of the University of Trieste (Italy)
1994-1995: Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Dept. of Geodesy and Geophysics of the University of Trieste (Italy)
1994: Member of the Teaching Staff of the Advanced International School on Exploration Geophysics (UNIDO), Trieste, (Italy).
1990-1993: Doctoral Researcher, Dept. of Geodesy and Geophysics of the University of Trieste (Italy).
1989-1990:  Pre-doctoral Geophysicist, Scholarship ENI at the Dept. of Geodesy and Geophysics of the University of Trieste (Italy).

Skills & Interests: 

Acquisition and  analysis of multi-disciplinary marine geophysical datasets, including:
•  Seismic reflection data - 2D multi-channel data (Crustal lines and middle resolution profiles)
•  Seabed imagery - multibeam echosounders, sidescan sonar systems and Sub Bottom Profilers

Field Experience (Oceanographic and land Campaigns)
Participant in 13 campaigns to the Mediterranean Sea (7), the Peri-Antarctic Oceans (5) and the Antarctic Plateau (1); Chief Scientist on 3 campaigns.

Research Interests
• Correlation from halokinetics features to up-ward fluid migration (pre-salt fluids) in Mediterranean Basin from analysis of  multichannel seismic profiles and morphobathymetry data (seepage/venting structures).
• Geophysical study to individuate the relation between recent tectonics and inherited structures in the continental margin.
• Study on the development of mounds, potential biological build-ups in a geological dynamic environment, influenced by gas/fluids and gas/gas hydrate presence (circum-antarctic basins), using geophysical methods.
• Geodynamic systems on Antarctic continental margins.
• Natural gas hydrates in the marine environment.

Major projects: 

• OGS-MIUR 2015 Otranto Channel Seismic and Sediments – OCSS-15. Responsible.
• OGS-MIUR 2010-2013 Geophysical exploration of West and South Sardinia offshore – WS10. Co-responsible OGS.
• OGS-MIUR 2005-2008 - Central Adriatic Sea: geophysical study – POMO. Responsible.
• PNRA 2003-2004 - Subglacial lake seismic exploration of the Concordia Lake, Dome C – ELSA. Participant..
• PNRA 2002-2004 -  Reprocessing and interpretation of multichannel seismic reflection data in Western Ross Sea. Responsible.
• MIUR 1999-2000, Cofin 98 - Stratigraphic-structural reconstruction and geodynamics of the South Apennines-Calabrian Arch-Sicily orogenic system based on the reprocessed new seismic data CROP. Participant  as Post Doc.
• PNRA 1994-1995 - Geophysical study of the Scotia Sea (Antarctica) – SERDRAKE. (PI: Finetti). Responsible on board of R/V OGS Explora.
• CNR 1994, Comitato 02-  Development and experimentation of computer-geophysics methods to enhance the deep seismic reflection signals. Responsible.
• CNR 1993, Comitato 02 - Seismic signal processing to tectonophysics reconstruction of the Apennines thrust system zones. Responsible.