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Manuel Bensi

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2012 Ph.D in Marine Science (physical marine and coastal environment), University of Trieste, Italy.

2006 M.Sc. degree in Tropical Marine Science (Coastal and Estuarine Zone Management), Federal University of Cearà, Fortaleza, Brazil.

2003 M.Sc. degree in Marine Science (Oceanography), University of Genova, Italy.

1997 High School diploma, “Liceo Scientifico Statale G. Marconi” of Chiavari, Italy.

Educational and Training post-graduation courses:

2019      Training course on Marine Remote Sensing in Svalbard, Longyearbyen, 02-05 September.

2019       Introductionary course to Python programming language. Organized at OGS, Trieste.

2016       English (scientific/technical) course (intermediate Level) organized at OGS (28h), Trieste.

2015       Public speaking course (12h). Area Science Park, 4 and 9 March 2015, Trieste.  

2012      Time-series analysis in marine science and applications for industry, Training course, 17 - 19 September 2012, Brest, France. I received a grant for the participation.

2011      Summer school in Physics of the Ocean, 11 - 16 September 2011, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany. Organized by Martin Visbek and Wolfgang Roether.

2010      Boundary layers and outer solutions in Oceanography: mini course (12h). 8-10 Nov 2010, University of Trieste. By Prof. Alberto Scotti (from Univ. of North Carolina).

2010      International MedCLIVAR-ICTP-ENEA Summer School "The Mediterranean Climate System and Regional Climate Change", 13-22 Sep. 2010, ICTP, Trieste, Italy.

2004      “Aeolian geomorphology - sand dune morphology and dynamics” by Ph.D Prof. Haim Tsoar, visiting scientist at the Institute of Marine Sciences–LABOMAR–Federal University of Cearà, Fortaleza, Brazil.  30 Aug - 2 Sept 2004.               


2018 - present    National Institute of Experimental Oceanography and Geophysics (OGS), Trieste, Italy. Researcher at the division of oceanography (Permanent position).

2012 - 2018         National Institute of Experimental Oceanography and Geophysics (OGS), Trieste, Italy. Researcher at the division of oceanography (Fixed term position).

2008 – 2011        National Institute of Experimental Oceanography and Geophysics (OGS), Trieste, Italy. Research assistant at the division of oceanography.

2006                   NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC), La Spezia, Italy. Research Assistant Programme (3 months). Sept–Dec 06. Project on ADCP data analysis in very shallow coastal area.

2006                   NAVIMETEO MIGRAZIONI s.r.l.: Meteo forecaster, dealing with the acquisition of meteorological data and the development of services and educational programs. May-Sept 06.

2004-2006          Institute of Tropical Marine Sciences – LABOMAR – Federal University of Cearà, Fortaleza, Brazil. Research assistant (founded by Brazilian Government), Coastal oceanography.

2002-2003          Hydrographic Institute of the Italian Navy “MARINA MILITARE ITALIANA”, Genova, Italy. Research assistant/student working on the Univ. degree thesis.

1992-2003          Main jobs: Windsurf/sailing instructor; Skipper/Sailor on sailing ships; TV video-camera operator; Seller in shops.

Skills & Interests: 

Research interests

Thermohaline Circulation & Water Mass Analysis; Coastal/open sea oceanography; Dense water formation processes; Climatic changes; Mediterranean Sea; Polar Research.


Major projects: 

2018-2019 The Adriatic-Ionian Bimodal Oscillating System: the Coriolis Rotating platform Experiment

2017-2018 SOA -Spitsbergen Oceanic and Atmospheric interaction (SIOS pilot project). [Principal Investigator]

2016-2018 DEFROST - DEep Flow Regime Off SpiTsbergen (PNRA 2014). [Principal Investigator]

2013-2017 FIXO3 - Fixed-point open ocean observatories


2009-2011 EuroSITES – European Ocean Observatory Network.

2008-2009 SESAME - Southern European Seas. Assessing and Modelling Ecosystem changes.
2008-2009 VECTOR- VulnErabilità delle Coste e degli ecosistemi marini italiani ai cambiamenti climaTici e loro ruolO nei cicli del caRbonio mediterraneo. Italy.
2008-2010 ADRICOSM-STAR Integrated coastal zone management system in the Adriatic Sea.
2006 Monitoramento ambiental do Campo de Golfinho - Bacia do Espírito Santo” (Petrobrás / FCPC / Labomar-UFC)”. Oceanographic cruise in the offshore area of oil-plants in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil.
2006 Programa de monitoramento do sistema de descarga de efluentes da USINA termoelétrica –Complexo Industrial e Portuário do Pecém–Estado do Ceará. RelatóriodeAtividades”.Contribution: current measurements with vessel mounted ADCP in the area of Pecém Harbour. Ceará, Brazil.
2005 Environmental monitoring of the marine coastal Area of Fortaleza. Contribution: current measurements with vessel mounted ADCP. Cearà, Brazil.
2005 Levantamentos e Avaliações Ambientais Iniciais do Complexo Industrial e Portuário do Pecém”. Contribution: bottom sediment sample collection in the area of Pecém harbor, Brazil.
2004-2005 ZEE do Estado do Ceará (Zoneamento Ecológico Económico)”. Contribution: Study about the coastal dynamics along the Cearà coast. Fortaleza, Brazil.
2004 Capacidade de suporte e vulnerabilidade ambiental das bacias inferiores dos rios do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte”. Project related with environmental monitoring of fishing culture activity in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.
Spoken languages: 
Italian; English; Portugues