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Enrico Priolo

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Primo Ricercatore
320 4324734

Laurea degree in mathematics, at the University of Trieste, 1981.


Numerical modelling of seismic wave propagation: finite-element, spectral-element, finite-difference, wavenumber-integration, and pseudo-spectral methods; large scale modelling; complex geologica models; geo-models cad-aided design; unstructured meshes; verification and validation of numerical methods.

Numerical simulation of earthquakes: ground motion estimation, also for complex geological models; kinematic modelling of extended sources; upper-limit and near-source ground motion; ground motion scenarios.

Seismic wave propagation: wave propagation through complex geological structures; real  media (anisotropy, attenuation, wave dispersion in layered media, …); surface and interface waves.

Engineering seismology: site response estimation using numerical and experimental field methods; seismic hazard; soil-structure interaction; seismic micro-zonation.

Site response estimation: seismic noise analysis; spectral ratios from earthquake records; Vs estimation; integration of geophysical methods (seismological, tomographic, gravimetric, … investigations); response site-specific spectra;

Active and passive (earthquake) tomography: analysis of the tomographic resolution; joint inversion of earthquake location and velocity structure; comparison of methods. 

Field surveys: seismic noise measurements; earthquake recordings; array measurements.

Seismic monitoring: permanent and temporary seismic monitoring networks; emergency and post-earthquake intervention; earthquake monitoring, recognition and alert; induced seismicity.

GPS monitoring networks  for real time positioning. 

Major projects: 

On-going projects

E2VP-2 (Evaluation, Verification, and Validation Project – Phase 2), subproject of the CASHIMA Project, CEA – France. Participant researcher. 

Geophysical studies for the microzonatione of the urban area of Umbertide (PG), Umbria Region. Project leader.

OASIS - "The OGS Archive System of Instrumental Seismology", the information system aimed at organizing, archiving and accessing to the OGS seismological data. Project leader.

Collalto Seismic Network - Monitoring the natural seismicity and the induced micro-seismicity at the methane gas storage concession “Collalto Storage”, Edison Stoccaggio s.p.a. Project leader.

S2-StoHaz Project - Assessment of the natural and induced seismicity hazard for the underground gas-storage reservoirs, and of the activity control and monitoring procedures , subproject of INGV - S2 Project. Sub-project co-responsible.

Geophysical studies for the microzonatione of some towns in Emilia-Romagna, Emilia-Romagna Region. Participant researcher.

Spoken languages: 
italian, english, german (basic)