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Donata Canu

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Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy, 2004. University Degree in Environmental Sciences, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, 1998.




From December 2003 Researcher at OGS, Trieste, Italy, permanent position. 

Previously  Research Fellow at ISMAR -CNR (formerly ISDGM) Venice, Italy

Project Manager at CVR, Consorzio Venezia Ricerche, Marghera Venice, Italy.

Skills & Interests: 

My research activity is focused on understanding and modelling biogeochemistry and ecological processes in coastal and marine ecosystems in response to physical, climatic and human pressures. Working tools are numerical biogeochemical, hydrodynamic and ecological models.

I’m currently working on modelling the biogeochemistry of nutrients and mercury, on the fate and transport of oil spills, sustainability in aquaculture activities and on the analysis of marine ecosystems services, considering also climate change effects.


Major projects: 


2016-2017 RITMARE SolVe Modellling the biogeochemistry and mercury cycle in the Venice Lagoon.

2/2016-2/2018 MANTIS DG MARE/2014/41 Marine protected area network for enhancement of sustainable fisheries in the EU Mediterranean waters. Modelling the connectivity between subpopulations of commmercial interest. 

Main projects, past

2012-2016 RITMARE research Unit, in Action4, WP4, SP3. Mercury cycle modelling.

2014-2016 Science for mitigation and adaptation policies to ecological and socio economical impacts of Acidification on italian seas. WP 4 Leader. Socioeconomic characterization, synthesis, integration and modelling.

2006-2011 SPICOSA, Science and Policy Integration for Coastal System Assessment. EU Sixth Framework Programme Priority Global Change and Ecosystem.  Scientific Coordinator of the  WP7.15.

2008-2010 SoSteMiTS Raccolta di dati di base ed elaborazione di un modello di gestione ambientale per l’attività di molluschicoltura ai fini dell’approntamento di piani di gestione integrate del Golfo di Trieste. Coordination of the socio-economic analysis WP.

2004-2006 CoRiLa Second Research Program, 2004-2006 Linea 3.13.  Coordination of WP3: definition and use of Ecological Quality Indexes and Objectives for transitional and coastal waters, in the context of the Water Framework Directive.

2008-2011 Cantico, Climate and local ANthropogenic drivers and impacts for the TunisIan COastal Area. Project Funded by CircleMed, (part of Circle2 ERA NET) through the Italian Ministry of Environment and Territory and Sea.  Coordination of OGS group biogeochemical modeling activities.

2007-2008 MELA4 CoRiLa (Consorzio per il Coordinamento della Ricerca nella Laguna di Venezia) Ecological Monitoring of the Lagoon of Venice. Statistical Analysis of water quality data of the Lagoon of Venice.

2004-2006 MELA3 CVN Consorzio Venezia Nuova project Ecological Monitoring of the Lagoon of Venice. Statistical Analysis of water quality data of the Lagoon of Venice


Involvement in Research Projects

2011-2014 EU FP7 MedSea  Project.

2000-2003 CoRiLa First Research Program. Linea 3.5. Quantità e qualità degli scambi tra laguna e mare. Development of hydrodynamic and water quality model for the Lagoon of Venice and relative applications, such as water circulation analysis, and analysis of the responses of the water quality to changes in the physical forcings;

2001-2003 ADIOS: Atmospheric Deposition and Impact in the Open Mediterranean Sea Partially funded by the European Commission programme entitled Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development.

June-November 2004 OLIO, 2004 funded by ASI (Italian Space Agency) Development of an observational and forecasting system of Oil spill in the Mediterranean Sea. Review of Oil Spill environmental impact modelling tools  for coastal environments.

ECOMADR Ecology in the Northern Adriatic Sea. INTERREG Project funded by Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia. The aim of the project is the identification of the main components of the trophic netwotk in the Adriatic Sea and the evaluation of energetic fluxes.

NATO CCMS Pilot Study, 2000 Modelling  Nutrient loads and responses in River and Estuary Systems Modelling of eutrophication in Lake Peipsi, Estonia .

Spoken languages: 
Italian, English