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SHAREMED - Sharing and enhancing capabilities to address environmental threats in Mediterranean sea

Marine ecosystems are exposed to the impact of a number of multiple stressors, resulting from multiple drivers, also acting in different areas. A non-exhaustive list of co-existing pressures includes climate change (e.g. warming and acidification), pollution (litter, NHS), maritime traffic, exploitation of living and non living resources, oligo/eutrophication, invasive species.


InnovaMare project will jointly develop and establish an innovation ecosystem model in the area of underwater robotics and sensors for purposes of monitoring and surveillance sector with a mission-oriented on the sustainability of the Adriatic Sea.


ENVRI-FAIR is the connection of the Cluster of Environmental Research Infrastructures (ENVRI) to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The overarching goal is that at the end of the proposed project, all participating Research Infrastructures (RI) have built a set of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data services which enhances the efficiency and productivity of researchers, supports innovation, enables data- and knowledge-based decisions and connects the ENVRI Cluster to the EOSC.

This goal is reached by:

EUROFLEETS+ - An alliance of European marine research infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the research and industrial communities

EUROFLEETS+  is an H2020 project funded under the Infrastructures initiative, coordinated by the Marine Institute that brings together a significant group of key marine research actors (in particular research vessel operators) in Europe, North America and Oceania  – 42 marine institutes, universities, foundations and SMEs from 24 countries.


Access to marine data is of vital importance for marine research and a key issue for various studies, from the climate change prediction to off shore engineering.

ADRIREEF - Innovative exploitation of Adriatic Reefs in order to strengthen blue economy

ADRIREEF has the ambition to combine innovative actions related to natural and artificial Adriatic reefs with possible socio- economic impacts originated from activities such as aquaculture and tourism, two sectors of Blue Economy. As the success of activities strongly depends on the structural and ecological performance of the reefs (both natural and artificial), the project will also include setting up and testing of suitable technologies with low impact for underwater monitoring.

PRIZEFISH - Piloting of eco-innovative fishery supply–chains to market added–value Adriatic fish products

The PRIZEFISH objective is to implement a cross-border, territorial and socio-economic developmental change in the cooperative renewable exploitation of Adriatic fishery resources and consequently in the long-term benefits on the Adriatic marine ecosystems. Adriatic fishery resources are shared and exploited by coastal economic communities and they suffer of overfishing or severe exploitation and decline risks.

ECOSS - Ecological Observing System in the Adriatic Sea: oceanographic observations for biodiversity

OGS is participating in the Interreg Italy-Croatia project “ECOSS - Ecological Observing System in the Adriatic Sea: oceanographic observations for biodiversity”. There are ten partner institutions from Italy and Croatia, collaborating under the leadership of the Italian National Research Council’s Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR-ISMAR) towards achieving the main goal of the project: the establishment of the ECOlogical observing system in the Adriatic Sea - ECOAdS.


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