OGS seismologist Antonella Peresan won the Tartufari Prize by the Accademia dei Lincei

The traditional ceremony of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei celebrating the end of the Academic Year was held today. On the occasion, the prestigious International Prizes, entitled to «Prof. Luigi Tartufari » were assigned. The prize for Astronomy, Geodesy, and Geophysics was awarded to Antonella Peresan of the OGS Center for Seismological Research of Trieste ex aequo with Gianfranco Brunetti, Senior researcher at the Radio Astronomy Institute of INAF in Bologna.

These acknowledgements are awarded to Italian or foreign scholars desired by the widow Tartufari in memory of her jurist husband.

The 2022 prize was awarded to Antonella Peresan with the following motivation:

“For the frontier research that integrates formally defined and validated forecasting methodologies on the analysis of the space-time characteristics of seismicity, with advanced observations and methodologies for the geophysical modelling of the deformation field and the seismic shaking of the soil. The research goes from the analysis of the physical and space-time evolution of the mimic property to the study of the dynamics of complex systems, through linear rigid block models, with particular attention to the aspects related to the experimentation and verification of the applied methodologies.”