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RITMARE Sub-project 7. Interoperable Infrastructure for the Observation Network and Marine Data.

The Interoperable Infrastructure will enable all the project partners, according to their particular requirements, to share and implement a common environment for data management and distribution. The design of the infrastructure will take into account practices and projects of the various communities participating in RITMARE, as well as tools, standards and models they developed in their life.

To this purpose a first analysis phase will be performed: it will collect on one side the requirements of RITMARE and its subprojects and, on the other side, the solutions already available in terms of data, information, processes, models, standards, technologies and systems.

In a first step, the infrastructure will be designed and implemented on the basis of components and data already available in RITMARE, so as to obtain and test a prototype. Feed-backs of the prototype will be the background to future modifications and design of the infrastructure, to be developed in the second year of RITMARE.

After the analysis step, the definition of the project data policy will produce a handbook of rules and recommendations.


January, 2012 to December, 2016
Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca