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Research into Impacts and Safety in CO2 Storage (RISCS)

Within studies on CO2 emissions from storage sites, the objective of the Project RISCS is to determine the impact of exposure to CO2 streams in different environments. Evaluations will be based on laboratory experiments, measurements of emission sites of natural and numerical simulations, both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. This work will help to obtain new constraints on the impact of the emission of carbon dioxide on human health, marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

RISCS will provide the information necessary to: 1) to evaluate rigorously the safety of different storage sites, and 2) to obtain the risk assessment of environmental impact on different time scales, and 3) determine storage sites to minimize the risk, and 4) help to design new strategies to monitor close to the surface, where the potential leakage can occur; 5) refine applications and license conditions of storage; 6) develop a work environment to communicate the security of storage controllers.

January, 2010 to December, 2013