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Professor Maria Cristina Pedicchio has been nominated President of OGS with a mandate of four years, by a Decree of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research [see the Italian: Decreto Ministeriale 478/Ric dd. 10.08.2011] and subsequently reconfirmed for four additional years [see Decreto del Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca 828/Ric dd. 14.10.2015]. 

The President who is the legal representative of the Institution shall propose, in coherence with the National Plan of Research, the 10-year-Document of Strategic Overview (Documento di Visione Strategica, DVS) and the related 3-year-Plans of Performance (Piano Triennale di Attuazione, PTA), and establish the guidelines for Human Resources; shall propose research projects with broader aims that are innovative both for themes and/or financial commitment; shall assure the coherence of the proposals of research, the activities of service and intervention in scientific infrastructures with the plans of activity and the institutional tasks of the Institution; shall promote actions aimed at favoring the European and international dimension of the research, by stimulating and activating scientific and technological cooperation with institutions and agencies of other countries; shall initiate actions apt to favor cooperation with the Italian regional institutions, the Regioni, in matters of scientific and technologic research and of support for innovation in the productive fields; shall promote the actions of scientific and technological structuring of the Institution itself.