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Pan-European Infrastructures for Ocean and Marine Data Management (SeaDataNet II)

Research.The overall objective of the SeaDataNet II project is to upgrade the present SeaDataNet infrastructure into an operationally robust and state-of-the-art Pan-European infrastructure for providing up-to-date and high quality access to ocean and marine metadata, data and data products originating from data acquisition activities by all engaged coastal states, by setting, adopting and promoting common data management standards and by realising technical and semantic interoperability with other relevant data management systems and initiatives. Moreover it aims to achieve INSPIRE compliance and to contribute to the INSPIRE process for developing implementing rules for oceanography. SeaDataNet II is undertaken by 40 Data Centreswhich are highly skilled and have been actively engaged in data management for many years and have the essential capabilities and facilities for data quality control, long term stewardship, retrieval and distribution. OGS/NODC acting as National Oceanographic Data Centres for Italy will maintain one of the nodes of the infrastructure and will give access to up-to-date information and data for Italy.

January, 2011 to October, 2015