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OGS is a MACROW partner (Marine Data Crowdsourcing), a research and development project in the field of Maritime Technologies, jointly financed by the European Fund for Regional Development. The activities of the project fall within the priorities of the Regional Operative Programme, Objective «Investments favouring growth and employment» 2014-2020 that is Axis 1- “Strengthening research, technological development and innovation”, Action 1.3 – “Support to collaborative activities of R&S for the development of new sustainable technologies, of new products and services”.

Monitoring in marine environment is slow and expensive, defined in space and time, but more than anything else focused on specific problems or sectors, and, often, it remains limited to these. With the current sensing models, acquiring simultaneous measures of multiple parameters, with an elevated frequency and in different areas, is logistically difficult and economically not sustainable; but only thanks to this type of analysis and through large data quantity in real time, it is possible to deeply comprehend the general dynamics and the state of the sea. Therefore, a new and more efficient sampling paradigm is necessary, which is at the basis of the MaDCrow project, started on the 10 April 2017, and which proposes the creation of an innovative collection, integration and spreading infrastructure of marine data based on crowdsourcing.

The data will hence be acquired by multi parametric black box installed on vessels and registration platforms, equipped with various sensors (temperature, salinity, pH and others), which will transmit data to earth using Wi-Fi networks, 3-4G or satellite in the areas not covered by the aforementioned. Another important element of innovation is the acquisition of data, that will take place by normal citizens, volunteers in the role of Citizen Scientist [with Passive Sensing activities], by public and private institutes which will make available through their naval/nautical means, measurements which will foster an architecture specifically developed for the optimised management off heterogeneous data, not distributed in a regular manner. The data will be sent in a cloud-based architecture, elaborated in decision supporting systems and rendered available to everyone, in an open way and respecting what is required by European directives and national rules on matters of geo-referencing data. The information collected in real time and elaborated will be used through we-oriented applications with different aims, such as for example environmental monitoring, territorial planning and fishery, including recreational activities or bathing. Mobile application are also planned for usage and sharing of the data on social web oriented platform devoted to both professional operators, as well as general users.

The platform will constitute, therefore, a valid and concrete instrument for scientific divulgation and for the management of information linked to the marine ecosystem (tourism, sharing of environmental policies, safety, etc.), for the achievement of an ‘informed environmental consciousness’ focused on monitoring, assessing the state of the environment and involving the population in possible policies for the protection of the territory.

Groups involved: 
May, 2017 to January, 2019