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The “Infrastructures” Division has approximately 50 people, including researchers, technologists and technicians, who distinguish themselves for their ability in the management and technological development of complex systems of acquisition, elaboration and recording of geophysical data—taking care of their maintenance and efficiency—for the use of the staff of the Institution, the national and international scientific community, public administrations and private subjects, and in promoting their scientific applications.

The expertise of the staff of this division is grouped into four areas:

Offshore Operations

Inshore and Land Operations

Aerial Operations

Data Management

This division manages the huge infrastructures of the Institution: the Oceanic Research Ship OGS Explora; the aircraft for the Remote Sensing; acquisition system for geophysical data in land and marine-coastal environments; and the center for elaboration and recording of geophysical data.

The research projects carried out by the divisions listed above are in large part financed by external institutions, such as: MIUR; MAE; UE; Italian public administrations and Italian and foreign private companies.

Director: F.Coren

Assistant Manager: P. Paganini
Administrative Support: M. Jerman, G. Heinze, D. Sinigoi