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FAIRSEA - Fisheries in the AdriatIc Region – a Shared Ecosystem Approach

The central focus of the the FAIRSEA project is the fisheries sector, an important economic activity in the Adriatic Sea also for its strong cultural, social and economic role in regional coastal communities. The general objective of the Project is to enhance the conditions for implementing innovative approaches for the sustainable management of the Adriatic Sea fisheries. This is achieved also thanks to the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of good practices among partners and beyond.

The main result of the Project will be the development of an integrated platform for a quantitative ecosystem approach to fisheries that goes across territorial boundaries and across several disciplines. The platform will integrate biological/ecological processes (i.e. considering water mass circulation, physical-chemical properties, plankton productivity, dynamics of resources including their interactions) and fisheries bio-economic dynamics (including fisheries displacement). This high technological and innovative platform will be used as a planning tool to implement demonstrative testing of applicable fisheries policies both at local (subareas) and whole Adriatic scales. It will provide scientific basis for formulating and evaluating the shared management advice in the local and international participatory processes, involving management authorities, experts and stakeholders. The Project will also provide an answer to the need of reference points, best practices and guidelines for the optimisation between ecological and socio-economical sustainability of fisheries in the Adriatic Sea.

Other than coordinating and managing the project, OGS will contribute with oceanographic and ecosystem modelling expertise to the development of the integrated platform. OGS will also contribute to the foreseen activities for capacity building and will be involved in all WPs.


FAIRSEA is financed by Interreg V-A IT-HR CBC Programme (Priority Axis 1 – Blue innovation).

The Project is lead by OGS and involves 11 partners from Italy and Croatia. 

Project budget: € 2.060.000 (ERDF+national co-financing).

Programme co-financing: € 1.751.000 (ERDF). 


Start date: 01 January 2019

End date: 28 February 2021





January, 2019 to February, 2021