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OGS wants to enhance the strategic role of training, having in its main aims the favouring in the most efficient manner the synergy between research activities, training and activities related to innovation and technology transfer.

In agreement with its historical tradition of excellence and with the aim of disseminating knowledge and scientific culture, the Institute promotes the training of the staff (researchers and technologists) and in particular the youngest ones, through grants, fellowships and Ph.D. courses instituted through on purpose agreements with national and international universities.

OGS considers the in-out mobility as a fundamental aspect of the professional career of a researcher and actively participates in different Marie Curie Actions, enclosed the Intra European Fellowships, the Initial Training Network and “co-funding” actions.

Moreover, in the training activities, OGS considers of particular interest to include actions finalized to the promotion of the collaboration between public and private bodies, through curses on intellectual property, business and risk capital creation.

OGS targets for the next three years may be summarized in the following points:

  • To encourage new multidisciplinary competences through an excellent initial training of researchers;
  • To favour the training of a new generation of creative and innovative researcher, able to convert the knowledge and ideas into products and services for the benefit of the society
  • To improve career perspectives of young researchers;
  • To favour the excellence through the cross-border and inter-sectorial mobility;
  • To stimulate innovation through the knowledge exchange.

The various training activities are subdivided into three principal sectors: teaching, tutoring to graduating and post-graduate students, courses.

OGS considers as strategically important to carry out moments of communication/education specifically addressed to the youngest, starting from elementary school pupils.