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Associate staff

To carry out its institutional activities, OGS may also cooperate with external collaborators/ contractors of high scientific, technological and professional skills and expertise, both from Italy and abroad, staff belonging to academia and public research institutions or other public or private subjects. They can be included in the activities of the Institution by granting the status of associates.

The association is meant to act as a relation based on mutual benefit and scientific, technological, and cultural enrichment, that OGS and its associates must be able to concretely demonstrate through publications, joint projects or other scientific, technological and knowledge dissemination activities.
Associate staff contributes to the institutional missions of OGS by providing its experience to collaborate with colleagues and for the benefit of the growth of young researchers and technologists.

Associate staff’s activities shall match the Institution’s three-year plan of activities, and they shall be in line with the projects in progress at the scientific and/or technological research facilities of OGS (Sections or Centers).