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23 February, Michele Rebesco is the new editor-in chief of Marine Geology

From January 2015 Rebesco Michele joins the editorial board of the journal Marine Geology, taking over from David Piper as editor-in-chief, along with Gert J. de Lange and John Wells. Michele is a marine geologist at OGS, working as a member of the research group of Geosciences, specialized in the interpretation of geophysical and geological data of sea basins. He studied at the University of Parma, where he took a PhD with a thesis on the discovery of the contourite drifts of the Pacific margin of the Antarctic Peninsula. 

He has been involved in the study of deep marine sedimentary processes since the very beginning of the nineties, first on land clastic oucrops and then on marine geophysical and geological datasets from polar areas. His main research interests are in developing understandings of deep-sea clastic sedimentary processes and in particular those under the influence of bottom- current controlled processes. He is also greatly interested in glacial sedimentary processes in the marine realm, either on continental shelves and slopes, or in mass wasting and continental slope instabilities.

Since 2006 Rebesco has been part of the editorial board of Marine Geology, the premier international journal on marine geological processes in the broadest sense, publishing papers on subjects as diverse as seafloor hydrothermal systems, beach dynamics, early diagenesis, microbiological studies in sediments, palaeoclimate studies and geophysical studies of the seabed. 

With the arrival of Michael Rebesco, David Piper will continue its collaboration with the magazine as a member of the editorial board.